Friday, February 4, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"Time Capsule"

Tom tries to put a picture of Lucy in the time capsule. Credit: NBC
My Review of last night's Parks and Recreation is after the jump.

On a relative scale, this episode of Parks and Rec was very good. It wasn't quite the best of the season but it certainly was very funny.

If anything the Time Capsule idea was an opportunity to show how the city of Pawnee works and what the community is like and to tell a fun story with that idea. The Twilight idea worked very well and told an interesting and fun story that showed the people of Pawnee for really the first time this season. Will Forte was entertaining as a grown man who pretends to be obsessed with Twilight. He provided some great moments when he was handcuffed to a chair and was a great presence in the public forum.

One of the funnier parts was who in the office was a Twilight fan. The scene with Kelly, Donna and Tom talking Twilight was one of the funnier scenes in the episode. (This may be because it reminded me of the Twilight fans I know who take the series way too seriously.) 

Aziz Ansari got some very good moments in the episode. I thought Tom as a Twilight fan was one of the more creative ideas. It gave Tom some very funny moments to play. He also got some very good moments to play with Natalie Morales (who I hope is back on the show soon).

The best part of the episode, for me, was the public forum (or as Ron called it, a crackpot convention). Scenes with the citizens of Pawnee are their best when they focus on the craziness. This scene certainly had its fill of craziness. It had many insane things requested for the time capsule from a random person's favorite book to a cats ashes. At one point there were 10 time capsules in play. This is where the scene worked, it was so crazy that it was funny.

I enjoyed the conclusion with the only thing being put in the capsule being a DVD of the town hall session. (With the exception of the middle...Jerry...). It was a good payoff to a veyr funny plotline. 

The B-Story involved Andy's continued devotion to April, this time involving Rob Lowe's Chris. This had its great moments from Andy figuring out his good qualities, to him jamming with April's Venezuelan boyfriend, to the tag. It was a strong B-Story which had its very funny moments.

Overall, a very funny episode of a very funny show.

What did everyone else think?

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