Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How I Met Your Mother-"Desperation Day"

My review of last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother is after the jump.

Has this show been on a roll in 2011 or what? This episode was a great episode of the show. It was filled with funny moments that mostly all worked.

Barney's Desperation Day plotline is exactly what a good Barney plot should be. It had Barney introducing a completely ridiculous concept with an historical story about the introduction. It had Barney hunting for women (with a funny Predators reference). It was better then your average Barney story because it was completely ridiculous and silly but not too silly. It also gave Barney and Robin some great moments together. The scene with Barney walking in on Robin's singles night was one of the funniest scenes in the episode. Sometimes Barney's behavior is crazy but it worked in that scene.

The episode also gave him an opportunity to have a real relationship. NPH was perfect in the scene where he denies that he had a crush on Nora. ("You think she smells like rain") It made for a great ending to the episode with the Laser Tag scene. This relationship probably won't be permanent but I like what it's trying to do.

The Marshall plotline was very silly but it provided an emotional center to the ending of the episode. It was very funny with Marshall going on his Dr. Mario binge and his complete denial of anything going on around him. It made for some funny and great moments, especially involving Marshall's mom and her need for her son to leave. It did verge off into ridiculousness at points but I still enjoyed it. The best part was at the end with Marshall admitting that he missed his Dad. The scenes with Marshall telling his story and in the car at the end were great and provided an emotional center for the episode.

The Ted plotline was the one with which I had problems. It was very funny and Ted and Zoey have great chemistry but I can't get invested in it. The show has made clear that Zoey is not the mother, she wasn't the roommate of Rachel Bilson and she wasn't in the econ class. I don't know if I can get involved in another relationship that will end before Ted meets the mother. I love Ted and Zoey as a couple but I can't get invested in it.

Overall, I did really like this episode, it was fantastic and it continued the streak that the show has been on in 2011.

What did everyone else think?


  1. Lilly's relationship with the body pillow deserves a shout-out. "I'm sorry I yelled like that earlier" :) LOL

  2. You're right, this does deserve a shout out. It was very funny!

  3. Awesome episode! Great review!

    PS, why won't my comments show right away? Is this a glitch?

  4. It's not a glitch. I explained on other posts that comment moderation was turned on because people would write random, rude comments (and spam).


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