Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cougar Town-"Cry To Me"

My review of the tonight's Valentines Day episode of Cougar Town is after the jump.

I enjoyed this episode very much. It had the makings of a very good episode but it had it's moments that weren't that good.

The major thing that kept me from fully enjoying the episode was Jules's behavior. She was just annoying with how she was treating Grayson. Her trying to make him cry was one of the worst Jules plots this year. Even though it did end up with good payoff in the end (with the Field of Dreams moment) it didn't quite work for me.

The rest of the episode worked very well for me. I found the Travis plotline to be very funny. Although in theory it seems ridiculous and it doesn't seem like it will work it ends up being pulled off. Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd work so well together that anytime you put them in a room it will be funny. I watched their scenes and I laughed which is what a comedy is supposed to do.

The Andy/Ellie plotline had it's moments of ridiculousness but it worked in the end. Ellie has her annoying attributes but the show is able to put them together to make a very funny plot. The Christmas decoration element gave Ellie some good moments (yes, I smashed your Santa!) And this gave Bobby his good moments in the episode. Penny Can with a 1969 penny and a champagne glass was awesome.

Even if some of the earlier moments were lacking, the ending made the episode. Bringing almost everyone together to watch the decorations burn made for a very surreal yet good conclusion. The ending had a heart that I've come to expect from this show and I enjoyed it a lot.

This weeks title card joke: "See you Soon, Cougar Town Keep in touch at @kbiegel @VDOOZER or @CougarTownRoom"

Now Cougar Town goes on hiatus until April 18th (when it gets an airing after Dancing with the Stars). I can't wait for it to return so I can get more fun moments with the cul de sac.

Overall, even if the episode had its extremely annoying moments, the payoff was so good that it made the episode.

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