Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I Met Your Mother-"Oh Honey"

My brief review of this week's How I Met Your Mother is after the jump.

I really enjoyed this episode of How I Met Your Mother.

The episode did exactly what I expected an episode of the show to do. It was very funny and it made me care about the characters. The major focus of the episode was the Ted and Zoey relationship and how they got together. This served as a great center to the episode.

When Jennifer Morrison was introduced, the character was annoying and I didn't look forward to seeing her on the show. This episode changed how I felt about her character. In this episode, Zoey changed from being an annoying hindrance to the show being funny to being a character that I care about. In this episode, she became a character that I had sympathy for and I cared about. I'm glad she and Ted are together and I'm looking forward to the completion of her arc.

Katy Perry was surprisingly funny as Honey. The show has a great track record with making people who you wouldn't think of as funny be very funny. She fit in to the world of the show very well. She played the scenes with the other cast members very well and didn't try to steal the scene.

The way the story was told was a style that I haven't seen the show do in awhile and allowed for some very funny moments. The moments that Marshall's mom and brother cut in were very funny. The interplay between the three of them was great. I especially loved the scene with he bulletin board where they tried to put together the story.

The unreliable narrator is a gag that the show does regularly that really worked in the episode. The conversations between Marshall and the rest of the main cast were fun to watch and made for very entertaining moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. How I Met Your Mother has been on a roll in 2011 and I hope that this something that continues as the sixth season continues.

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