Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parenthood-"Amazing Andy and his Wonderful Bugs"

Michael Emerson guest stars on "Parenthood"
Credit: NBC

My review of last night's very strong episode of Parenthood is after the jump.

Last night's episode of Parenthood did many things well. It was funny, silly, and had drama. It also had one of my favorite actors working today (Michael Emerson) guest starring. It made for a fantastic episode of Parenthood which left me with a smile on my face. 

Max's birthday party plotline featuring Michael Emerson's Andy was fantastic. The show hasn't had very many Max episodes this year (the last one was "Orange Alert" from earlier this season). These episodes tend to be very good and the best episodes of Parenthood this year. This week was no exception. The plotline was great and provided a strong center to the episode. It allowed the show to showcase Max Burkholder's fantastic performance as Max. He nailed Max's joy about everything involving Andy. It also gave Kristina and Adam a chance to see what Max's future could hold.

Michael Emerson is a fantastic actor and the show used him very well. He was fantastic playing an adult man with Asperger's Syndrome. He did very well in his part. Not only was Andy a great character but he helped make one of the best scenes in Parenthood history. The scene with Andy giving his performance was beautiful. It was great to watch how great Andy was at his job. Seeing him perform his show was great to watch and it made for a beautiful conclusion to the plotline.

The return of Seth continues to be a fantastic plotline and one that I look forward to when it comes up in the episode. This week it featured Drew getting in trouble for fighting a bully at school. Sarah and Seth's different reactions made the plotline. The scene at the batting cage was a great showcase for John Corbett and what his character is like. The best part of the ongoing arc so far was the scene between Corbett and Craig T. Nelson. That scene was absolutely fantastic and it was great to watch. Corbett and Nelson are fantastic actors and did a great job portraying the relationship between Zeke and Seth. The scene was fantastically performed and it made for a great part of an episode.

The Crosby/Gabby plotline has been brewing since Minka Kelly first appeared last season. Now it's finally coming to a head. Kelly and Dax Shepard have great chemistry together and make a great couple.  I'm not going to pass more judgement on their relationship until I see the effects it has on the characters next week.

The Crosby/Jasmine realtionship is quickly dissolving, much quicker then I expected it to dissolve. I think the actors have great chemistry and the characters will end up connected in some form (because of Jabbar). 

The horny Joel plotline was decent comic relief. It didn't do much for me but it didn't make me cringe. I'm not involved in Julia having a baby but Kristina walking in on them was pretty funny.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode of Parenthood.

What did everyone else think?

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