Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modern Family-"Bixby's Back"

Clive Bixby seduces Juliana Bixby in "Modern Family"
Credit: ABC

My review of last night's very funny Modern Family is after the jump.

Last night's episode of Modern Family was very funny. It took an idea that was executed very well last year, made up a new plot for the idea, and turned it into a very funny episode. 

The return of the Bixbys was absolutely hysterical. I was worried going into this episode that it would be a bad attempt to resurrect a plotline and it would ruin both episodes. It didn't do any of that. Ty Burell and Julie Bowen work so wel together that the plot worked really well. Although it did rely on Phil's stupidity for the big puchline, it still worked. They could have played the long gag a little bit shorter but the payoff with the stranger walking into the room and seeing a naked Phil Clive was worth it. The ending with Phil and Claire going home wasn't really needed and didn't work for the plotline but it did work for the episode.

The Mitchell and Cameron plotline was very funny. I enjoy watching Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in generally whatever they're given and this episode was no exception. It did verge into ridiculousness but most plots with the two of them do. It's the ridiculousness of their plotlines that are funny. What makes them funny are the interactions between the two actors and it made for a fun plot. It really didn't have an affect on me besides that was funny but I have no problem with that for this show. 

The Jay and Gloria plotline mainly existed so they could have something to do in this episode. It didn't do much for me but it had its fun moments. When Sofia Vargara is allowed to not hold anything back she is very funny and in this episode she didn't hold anything back. The one thing I didn't like was the setup was better then the payoff. The setup with Jay taking Gloria out, to them stealing Mitchell and Cameron's reservation, to them walking into the empty house was very funny. The payoff with it all being in the garage and Gloria being into the joke the whole time, not so much.

My favorite part of the episode was the plotline involving the kids. Rico Rodriguez is a fantastic comedic actor and even though Manny's crush on Haley isn't my favorite plotline it made for some funny moments. Manny on the couch trying to flirt with Haley was very, very funny. The scene in the bedroom didn't have that much of an effect until the end with the return of Dylan. I enjoyed that ending (and not just because of Phil and Claire's reaction to the situation).

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. 

What did everyone else think? 

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