Monday, February 14, 2011

Chuck-"Chuck vs the Cat Squad"

Lou Diamond Phillips has fun as this week's villain on "Chuck"
Credit: NBC

My review of tonight's Chuck is after the jump.

The best way I can describe tonight's Chuck is fun with a side of meow. It wasn't the best episode of Chuck but it was very good. I did enjoy it quite a bit but I had a few reservations (for the first time since "Fear of Death")

The return of the C.A.T. Squad proved to be a very fun plot line. It turned out to be a silly plot that allowed pretty women to be on screen together. I did enjoy seeing Sarah's old team together and getting some back story on her character (*) It was a part of the arc that told a very standalone story. It became mediocre at points (especially with the "plot twist" where Amy was revealed as the true bad guy). What it did right was it told a fun story that I enjoyed watching. It was fun seeing Sarah and her old team interact and fight. It was fun having them all on screen together.

(*) This episode allowed the show to continue the character arc for Sarah for this half season. Like I said last week, I really hope they use this to take some opportunities to tell stories about Sarah's Mom and Dad and have Gary Cole return. This could be a great arc.

The best part of the episode was easily the return of Carina and how this affected Morgan. Mini Anden is fantastic in this guest role and it was great to see her back this year. I knew when I heard that she was coming back that this would be a great week for Morgan. It gave him some really fun stuff to play off of and it made for a fun plot line. Seeing Josh Gomez and Anden interact is comic gold. The resolution to the end of "Three Words" from last season was played very well. It also gave Josh Gomez and Mekenna Melvin some great material to play.  Even if we knew that Alex and Morgan would be together with him saying "I love you" it was still great to watch.

Some other thoughts:

  • Great Charlie's Angels references throughout the episode (but mostly with the opening). Very similar opening to "Role Models" from last year.
  • This week's plot hole: Casey wouldn't have brought in a member of the squad into the interrogation. They couldn't be trusted yet.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips looked like he was having a lot of fun as the villain of the week. He was very good at what he was asked to do.
  • Jeff, Lester, and Big Mike had the week off (for the second week in a row).
  • Awesome didn't appear much, only in one scene and Ellie was resorted to being the voice of reason (until the very end).
  • I wish the show did more episode like this, even if I don't like them as much. They allow the show to spend some time having massive amounts of fun.
Overall, I did have some problems with the episode but I enjoyed it very much.

What did everyone else think?

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