Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Rock-"It's Never Too Late for Now"

Jack learns new negotiation tactics on "30 Rock"
Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

My review of this week's fantastic episode of 30 Rock is after the jump.

This episode of 30 Rock was very funny. It continued the trend of 30 Rock this season of really funny episodes. All the jokes clicked together to form a great episode of this show. 

The conspiracy to save Liz from giving up ever finding a man was a fantastic center to the episode. It provided some great laugh lines and some character development too. Tina Fey was awesome in this episode playing a Liz that gave up, to a Liz with confidence, to a Liz who found out how everything happened. She portrayed a post breakup Liz very well and it made for some funny moments. Some great Liz moments were using a paper holder to tie her hair, to having a cat named Emily Dickinson, to Jenna convincing Liz to go out to a club and they were hysterical. Even better then that was the payoff, I loved how everything came together and it was very funny. It was a great episode for Liz Lemon.

The Jack plotline provided some great moments for Alec Baldwin to play off of. He got the opportunity to do some damn funny things in this episode. I enjoyed everything from Jack failing in negotiations, to him realizing what he was doing wrong, to him using the nanny's negotiation technique on the Kabletown employees. It was very funny to watch unfold and it made for some great moments. Jack now has something that he never had before, he has an emotional connection that's blocking his negotiations. It was interesting to see how he maneuvered, or didn't maneuver, around that. 

The Pete/Frank plotline was a fun little plotline. It gave these supporting characters a chance to shine and a chance to have fun together. The "forming a band" and the problems that led from it were fun to watch. It's also funny to hear more about Pete's backstory.

Some other thoughts:
  • No Tracy this week. What I noticed was that I didn't miss his presence on the show. Not a bad thing, just an observation.
  • Very little Kenneth this week also. He's been a crutch to the show and the show worked better this week without him.
  • There's a lot of spanking in business school apparently...
Overall, a very funny episode of 30 Rock that had some great moments for both Jack and Liz and some great one liners.

What did everyone else think?

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