Monday, November 14, 2011

November Sweeps Catch Up: How I Met Your Mother

Robin and Barney share a moment on "How I Met Your Mother"
Credit: CBS
I take a look at the current state of How I Met Your Mother after the jump.

Alex's TV Watch is Back!

Hello, everyone!

This is the last time I will be writing such a post. I'm back, this time I mean it. October happened to be a month where my time for writing was slim. Writing is not my career, so sometimes things get in the way.

However, I'm back. It's time to get back to writing about television in what should be 4-5 posts per week.

However, I won't be returning to weekly reviews for a little bit. I have a lot of TV writing on which I need to catch up. To do this, I will be creating a new series of posts that should last me through the end of the month. "November Sweeps Catch up" will cover many of the series that are airing on broadcast TV. The day after the latest episode of a series airs, I will be dissecting the series on an overall level.

This will start tonight, with a review of the series "Once Upon a Time."

On the Old TV Watch Project, this will resume full time on Sundays in January. I will be continuing my coverage of Veronica Mars season 1 at that point. On the Serenity front, that review will happen before the end of the year, as soon as I find time to watch the two hour movie and write about it.

Thank you all for reading, and I'm looking forward to us sharing our thoughts on television with each other.