Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glee-"Silly Love Songs"

Kurt performs at Breadstix on Valentines Day
Credit: FOX

My brief review of Tuesday's episode of Glee is after the jump.

This episode was far from my favorite of the season, but it was far from my least. The episode had too many plots and some writing issues but it had many good things going for it. It had decent writing for characters not named Finn and good performances. Glee does decide to have way too many plotlines. There's no need to have an A, B, C, D, and E plotline, I only find myself into maybe three of the plotlines at most. 

This episode featured the return of Finn the douche. The character was insufferable and a complete pig. I tried to like him as a character but between the kissing booth and trying to convince Quinn to cheat on her boyfriend the character failed to be anything interesting or anything but annoying. And it makes me more upset that this comes after a great Finn episode last week. The character can be very poorly written and this week was no exception. Cory Monteith isn't to blame either, he was giving a good performance for what he was saying. 

They also are continuing with the Finn and Quinn relationship. Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith have good chemistry but the relationship ended last season. There's no need to continue with a dead relationship. It made Quinn look like a terrible person for cheating on Sam and it made Finn look like an a-hole. A mistake that I see a few shows make when they are desperate for plots is they try to rekindle a dead romance. This episode made that mistake and it's one I hope the show never makes again.

The episode was filled with romance, a smidgen of it was the characters being happy and the majority of it creating drama for the characters. (I wouldn't expect anything different from a Valentines Day episode of Glee). The Puck and Lauren plotline was space filler. I felt no connection to the plotline but it was fun to watch. The two of them make a good couple and this is something I hope the show doesn't forget about next week.

I loved the Kurt/Blaine plotline (although as a commenter on my last post said, "Kurt and Blaine NEED to get together. Seriously.") They are currently my favorite characters on the show and it's always great to see them on screen. I do wish they get would get together but I did respect Ryan Murphy's decision to not put them together.

Some other thoughts:
  • Sue was noticeably absent in this episode, probably for the better. I don't think the character would have fit in here and her presence wouldn't have worked.
  • This episode is a better feature of Glee as it really is then the one that aired after the Super Bowl. I did find this episode stronger and better written.
  • I felt no connection to the Santana plotline. They need to service that character better.
  • I enjoyed the musical performances in the episode.
  • My opinion of Fat Bottomed Girls is forever judged based on the Jeffster version.
Overall, "Silly Love Songs" was  a good episode with its good and bad moments that I did enjoy

What did everyone else think?

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