Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Rock-"TGS Hates Women"

Liz and Abby talk in Central Park on "30 Rock"
Credit: NBC

My review of last night's episode of 30 Rock is after the jump.

This week 30 Rock tackles feminism. What it did was it took this issue and turned it into a very fun episode of the show. 30 Rock takes a joke approach to telling its story and this week they used a bunch of antifeminist jokes to, in a way, fall in its own sword. The show has made quite a few jokes about women and this episode was no exception. But what it did at the same time was use those jokes to comment on how women are treated in comedy and how whether its degrading how women in comedy will over-sexualize themselves sometimes.

The Abby Flynn storyline was very fun and the humor worked very well. It started with a teaser that was hysterical. Period jokes can be a lazy comedy writer's friend but they worked here because they helped show the message. (And they were pretty damn funny). Cristin Milioti played Abby perfectly. The jokes involving her were quite funny. From Jack jumping on the trampoline, to the scene in Central Park, and to the introduction of her character everything seemed to work and was very funny. The ending to the plot, with Flynn Grossman saying that she was hiding from her ex husband was an interesting way to conclude the plotline. It was absurd, like 30 Rock normally is, and it was funny. 

The episode also gave some good material to the writers. I do think they took it all too far but at first Lutz, Frank, and Twofer were funny. The character changing themselves was funny at first, but it didn't end up being as funny the second or third time we saw them. Also Lutz playing Kinect with his shirt off was very creepy, yet a good punchline.

The best part of the episode was easily Jack's plot. Chloe Moretz was absolutely hysterical in her guest spot as Kaylie, the heir to Kabletown. Jack trying to help her become a marine biologist with the help of Robert Bobert Ballard in the Museum of Natural History was absolutely hysterical. The best part though was the scene at the school. (*) It takes a lot of talent to outshine Alec Baldwin and Moretz did that. The two of them together was absolutely hysterical. Lets hope that Moretz comes back soon so the two of them could square off again.

(*) I'd like to give a shout out to a friend of mine, the girl with the pink hat in that scene. Go Missy!

Some other thoughts: 
  • Loved the Steve Carell shout out. And he does own "that's what she said"
  • “He discovered the Titanic, The Lusitania, and according to his website, a guilt-free cheesecake recipe!”
  • "Justin Bee-eye-bar"
  • “Quiet, Chalk Hands. A real man is talking.”
  • “She should be careful around the crew. New York gives us a tax break for hiring sex offenders. It’s a terrible program.”
  • “The ocean is awesome and for winners. YOU’RE for tools.”
  • “Is this where you got your V card punched?” “What? No! Does this look like the make-up room of a clown academy?”
Overall, A very good episode of the show that did tackle a big subject very well. Not everything landed but most of it did to make a great episode.

What did everyone else think?

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