Friday, February 18, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"Media Blitz"

Ben and Leslie work to promote the Harvest Festival on "Parks and Rec"
Credit: NBC

My review of last night's very good episode of Parks and Recreation is after the jump.

Parks and Recreation was back to form after last week's lackluster episode. The plotlines worked together and made very funny episode.

Earlier this year we got the scene that really cemented Rob Lowe as a very good part of the show. This week it was Adam Scott's turn to go completely insane. With his past coming back to haunt him, Ben completely freaks out. This was a fantastic opportunity for Adam Scott to break out of the deadpan mold that I've seen him play so often. He gets to do some very funny stuff. The meltdown on the talk show was almost as funny as "Stop Pooping." It was a great chance to bring Rob Lowe to the front, and to flesh out the backstory of Ben and how many towns he's "bankrupted."

The rest of the plotline was also very funny. The scene with Tom taking Ben to go buy a suit was very, very funny. And the triumphant return of Pawnee Today was great. That scene had me laughing! The radio show was also very good. I loved how it parodied shock jock radio shows. The sound effects were also great.

The B-Story involved April finally accepting Andy. It took a while for this to happen, but the payoff was worth it. The scene with them getting together made me smile more then anything else in this episode. Aubrey Plaza nailed the scene and it made for a fantastic moment.

The lead up to it was also great. It was like Andy was a puppy who wanted his bone, I felt bad for him. He went to such great lengths and let April mess with him. But April messing with him was very funny. The things that she had him do did create laughs. The funniest was the foot massages, which were the Donna and Jerry moments of the episode. Also, I love how Ron (*) was the one who brought them  together. He was the catalyst for April realizing that she wanted to be with Andy.

(*) This was a great episode for Ron. Between everything with the typewriter to the scene with April he had a fantastic episode.

The plot with Ann and Chris was good, not quite as good as everything else in the episode, but still funny. This is clearly still developing and I'll probably have more to say on it when the arc finishes.

Overall, a very, very funny episode of Parks and Recreation.

What did everyone else think?

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