Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parenthood-"Just Go Home"

Crosby and Jasmine attend pre-marriage counseling on Parenthood
Credit: NBC

My brief review on last night's episode of Parenthood is after the jump.

That was Parenthood at its best. The episode was dramatic, humorous, and most importantly messy. The show is at its best when the plotlines are messy and the cast is allowed to show their range. This episode had all the makings of a great episode of the show and it turned into what was an amazing episode.

The episode had a few things going on but what the majority of the episode was spent on was on Amber and Drew's Dad Seth returning to town. This was the emotional and dramatic center to the episode and it did the job very well. It was a showcase for the very talented Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, and John Corbett (guest starring as Seth). They drove the plot and made it as good as it was. Each scene held my interest and kept me involved.

I have to give a special mention to how good Lauren Graham was in this episode. From the scene with her kids in the beginning, to the scene with her husband, to the ending she was pitch perfect. She played the emotional turmoil that Sarah was going through very well. She was giving a powerhouse performance that really deserves a special mention. 

Crosby and Jasmine's problems finally came to a head in this episode. When Jasmine forced Crosby to go to marriage counseling class, Crosby realizes how little control he has. They have a fight which leads to Crosby leaving. Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant were brilliant in the episode and made the fight convincing. They finally got my attention in an episode and made me enjoy their presence on screen. The two of them made some great writing even better. The fight scene was very, very good.

It was good to see the Haddie leaving home arc finally end. It had a bothersome run but the payoff was fantastic. The scene with Haddie returning home was perfect and had me smiling. It was also great to see the inevitable approval of Alex by Adam and Kristina. Sarah Ramos and Michael B. Jordan have great chemistry and it's great to finally see them being a couple. The final moments of the episode were perfect.

Overall, this was a very strong episode that I loved. The show when it's this messy and this episode was very messy. It's the type of episode that I wish it wasn't hell week for a show I'm in so I could spend more time on it.

What did everyone else think?

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