Friday, February 11, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"Ron & Tammy: Part Two"

Ron has an interesting night with ex-wife Tammy on Parks and Recreation
Credit: NBC

My brief review of last night's fantastic episode of Parks and Rec is after the jump.

"I know Tammy seems scary, but really she's just a manipulative, psychotic, library book pedaling sex crazed She Demon." -Leslie

Last night's episode of Parks and Rec was absolutely hysterical. I didn't know how they could possibly top last year's "Ron and Tammy" episode but somehow they did. 

Megan Mullaly's return was awesome! She plays psychotic bitch really well and Tammy is a psychotic bitch. The character is great and provided some very funny stuff of which Nick Offerman can play off. The scene in the jail and the ending scene in the library were fantastic. The character was completely over the top, which worked for the episode. I was really glad to see her back and was laughing at everything she did. 

This episode provided some great material for Nick Offerman. The episode was a great feature for everything that Offerman can do as Ron. From his how he lost part of his trademark mustache (friction!) to his complete denial about the manipulativeness of Tammy. He was fantastic and very, very funny.

My favorite scene in the episode was easily the intervention scene. The scene brought everyone in the office (except April) and allowed them to play off Ron in his daze. Donna got one of my favorite lines of the episode and played her usual smart-ass self. The hi light of that scene (and the episode) was the best Jerry bashing I've seen in awhile. When he walked in thinking it was a reception. Classic Jerry. Another great Jerry moment when Tammy takes ron away on their honeymoon and he asks "Where are you going?" This leads the cast to immediately bash Jerry. 

The Leslie plotline continued the ongoing arc of the Harvest Festival coming to town. The plot was mostly funny because of all the jokes about calzones. (They really are a more difficult to eat pizza). It also showed Leslie and Ben going out to lunch. They are a couple that I hope gets together during the next few episodes and they work very well together. I also appreciated the shout out to Louis CK's character from last season Dave.

The last plotline involved April going to work for Ben when his assistant leaves for Indianapolis. The April/Ben pairing is something that I didn't think would be as funny as it was. Her deadpan sarcasm played very well off of his high energy. It also gave Andy a great moment with the letter from the "FBI."

I thought the return of Tammy to the show was absolutely hysterical.

What did everyone else think?

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