Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Modern Family-"Regrets Only"

Cameron is a control freak on "Modern Family"
Credit: ABC

My review of tonight's average episode of "Modern Family" is after the jump.

Tonight's episode of Modern Family was average, which I have no problem with because average is funny. The episode didn't have much in terms of character development or character moments and it was very sitcom-like but I have no problem with that. It was a half-hour of television that I enjoyed watching. Episodes like this don't give me much fodder for reviewing but they're fun to watch.

The whole Phil and Claire fight didn't make me laugh hysterically but it didn't make me cringe like I did in last week's episode. It was an honest attempt to make a Phil and Claire storyline that was fun. It had its moments, like the massage and everything with the wedge salad. The story didn't do much for me but I had no real opposition to it.

The Cameron Mitchell storyline was easily the best of the episode. Eric Stonestreet is a talented actor and to see him have the ability to riff about everything is comic gold. Everything he did or said in the episode made me laugh. It was over the top but that didn't make it not funny. It also brought in the combination of Cameron and Luke. This is a combination that I never thought would work but it did end up creating laughs, although those mostly came from Cameron. Also, the constant bickering between Cameron and Andrew was great.

The episode also had its smaller, throwaway plotlines. It had Gloria with a karaoke machine, which worked to an extent. It was funny the first time but the next few times we heard Gloria singing it wasn't funny. That also gave us Manny coming in and saving the day and giving the biggest laugh of the episode. We also got Haley trying to trick her parents into buying her a car by pretending she worked at a restaurant. This had some laughs, not many, but some. The scene in the restaurant was very funny. The combination of Alex and Haley never fails. (Pretty much anything with Alex works on the show).

Some other thoughts:
  • The Phil and Gloria combination is always funny and this episode was no exception.
  • The Alex/Manny throwaway scene was great mostly because Rico Rodriguez is awesome and was very funny.
  • "Happy ValenBirthAry"
  • "Do that to me and I'll kill you"
  • "Cars passed and two dogs put their heads back inside the car"
Overall, the episode wasn't bad, it wasn't particularly good either. 

What did everyone else think?

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