Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chuck-"Chuck vs the Seduction Impossible"

Chuck and Sarah disagree while Roan hangs out in the background
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My review of last night's Chuck is after the jump.

That was fun.

Tonight's episode was very similar to Chuck vs the Honeymooners or Chuck vs the Role Models from last season. It was a self contained episode that was a lot of fun to watch and very funny. These episodes are generally a celebration of getting more episodes and a chance for the cast and crew to have tons and tons of fun making an episode.

The main focus of the episode was the mission of the week. It involved Chuck and Sarah being recruited by Beckman to rescue the spy Roan Montgomery. The villain of the week was average, the mission mainly being an outlet for John Laroquette to return.

The main plotline was mainly a function for the return of John Laroquette as seduction expert Roan Montgomery. Laroquette was fantastic in this episode and I could tell that he enjoyed every second on the show. The character was very funny last time and this episode didn't change that. It was great to see Roan be Roan and even when the situation gets serious, he never deviate from the goal, seduce the woman.

It was fun to see Laroquette get some moments with Bonita Friedericy. Their scenes together were great and (I've used this word a lot but) very fun. It gave Friedericy a chance to shine and have scenes where we see her legs. She was given a chance to play more then the generally one-note General. "DUCK!!!" was one of my favorite lines of the episode.

The Chuck and Sarah plotline didn't do much for me until the last five minutes. For the majority of the episode it was mainly there for comic relief and to set up the end. Mostly it ended up being annoying but it fit right in to this lightweight episode.

I liked where they ended up going with the plotline. The idea of learning more about Sarah's background is an interesting premise that should carry the season very well. Hopefully it's an opportunity for great guest stars like Gary Cole to come back.

Some other thoughts:

  • The Buy More employees were absent from this episode. This was probably for the better
  • I could tell that this episode was written by Chris Fedak, that's not a bad thing at all.
  • It's great to see that Linda Hamilton will be in more episodes. She did a fantastic job with her material.
  • Sarah Lancaster is playing a mother really well. The scene between her and Hamilton was amazing.
  • Clara Woodcomb is so cute! (Had to say it)
  • Can Ryan McPartlin do more then film the baby?

I really did love this episode. It was fun and a great start to the back 11.

What did everyone else think?

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