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Members of the Glee Club go insane on "Glee"
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My review of last night's episode of Glee is after the jump.

"Sweet Jesus, Who bought tickets to crazy town?"-Mercedes

Last week's episode of Glee was an example of what Glee does well, this week was an example of what it doesn't do well. The episode had so many negative aspects that the few positives were lost among them. There hasn't been an episode of Glee this bad since "Funk" last year. It failed on way too many levels for me to get any enjoyment out of it at all.

There were some things I enjoyed about the episode. Lea Michele and Amber Riley's duet on "Take Me or Leave Me" was kick-ass. It's a great song and it was perfect for the diva off between the two of them was the best part of the episode. It helps that "Take Me or Leave Me" is a fantastic song and Michele and Riley have great voices. It made for the best 3 minutes of the episode. I also enjoyed the "Little Light of Mine" scene. It was a beautiful scene that added much needed heart to Sue's plotline. It was a cute song that warmed my heart a little. Also, the club's rendition of "Sing" was very, very good.

The rest of the episode was full of crappy plotlines and musical numbers that made me feel like I was wasting my time. The Sue plotline was supposed to make us feel bad for her character but all it ended up doing was it made me hate the character more. The character was terribly written and even her jokes about Mr. Schuester's hair weren't funny. The show is clearly at a loss with what to do with her once her season ended so they decided to have her resume her terrible revenge trip against the glee club. This failed epically last season and this season didn't work at all. It was stupid and the only good thing that came from it was "Take Me or Leave Me."

The plotline with everyone becoming Justin Bieber was stupid and unnecessary. There's no other way around saying that. It wasn't funny and almost everything about it made me cringe. It seemed like every character involved was hit on the head and couldn't remember anything about anything because of their stupidity in the plotline. The whole every girl throws themselves at Bieber wasn't funny and was terrible. It doesn't help that his songs are terrible so any cover of them would be terrible.

Then there's the Quinn/Sam/Finn/Santana love quadrilateral. Last week I commented on how stupid I thought this plotline was and my opinion didn't change. The show spent way too much time on this. It didn't do anything it was intended to do. It was contrived and stupid. I have no interest in these 1 layered characters and what happens to them. It doesn't help that Sam easily dumps Quinn for Santana. Would the person move on that quickly in real life? It is unrealistic on a standard that isn't ok for even Glee.

Some other thoughts:
  • I have no investment in the Puck/Lauren relationship but it didn't take away from anything
  • Lauren's first performance for the Glee club was terrible and unenjoyable
  • The Rachel/Brittney plotline was awful and unfunny. 
  • Is Glee writing an original song?
  • In the hospital, there were lines that made me think that Glee realizes what it's doing wrong. It just doesn't correct them.
Overall it was a pretty bad week for Glee. It did have good moments but the bad outweighed the good.

What did everyone else think?

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  1. The girl who played Lauren cant sing... she's like a random character... And with take me or leave me, it seemed like they were the Maureen and Joanne from rent.. it was weird..

    -Brandon from GLP


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