Thursday, February 17, 2011

Modern Family-"Princess Party"

Cameron is jealous of a princess on "Modern Family"
Credit: ABC

My review of last night's mediocre episode of Modern Family is after the jump.

There's no way that this birthday party episode could live up to the epicness that was "Fizbo" and this episode didn't. It wasn't anywhere near the best episode of Modern Family this season, it was about average for the show. I hold Modern Family up to a pretty high standard and this episode failed to make that standard. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.

I found the return of Shelley Long as Claire and Mitchell's mother very troublesome. It's not that I didn't find it funny but it just didn't have that much of a payoff. It was mostly a list of punchlines, which I have no problem with on a show like the Big Bang Theory, but on a show like Modern Family the line, punchline, laugh, line, punchline, laugh formula really doesn't work. I expect to get more out of the characters on the show then what I got out of them this week. What I got this week was no development from anybody and a set of punchlines. 

Matt Dillon played a character that I didn't like. It's not that Matt Dillon himself wasn't funny, it's that his character was a total a-hole and did nothing for me. Him coming in and being rude to everyone wasn't funny at all. Dillon was doing his best with the material he was given but he wasn't funny. And Shelley Long coming in and being completely rude was only ok. She's a funny woman but her character doesn't lend herself to laughs.

When Nolan Gould tweeted that Lilly's party wasn't as good as Luke's party I was ready to prove him wrong. He wasn't wrong. The plotline didn't to much for me. And like I said earlier, the return of Fizbo wasn't nearly as funny as the original but it did live up to my reduced expectations. Eric Stonestreet talking in a British accent was comic gold. 

The episode did have it's funny moments. Anything involving Alex and Luke was great. "My kids are losing respect for me by the second" was a great line. Eric Stonestreet is hysterical and the scene involving him berating the princess was very funny.

Overall, it wasn't my favorite episode of Modern Family but it wasn't my least favorite.

What did everyone else think?

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