Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee-"Blame it on the Alcohol"

Will and Bieste have a "night of fun" on "Glee"
Credit: FOX
My review of tonight's awful episode of Glee is after the jump.

Every show set in a high school has the alcohol awareness episode. They usually are some of the worst of the series (see the Buffy episode "Beer Bad") and this episode of Glee was no exception. I went in expecting a terrible episode, and my expectations weren't exceeded. It meandered around trying to teach the lesson while having all the normal problems of a bad episode of Glee. Honestly, there was no redeeming factor to this episode. It was almost painful to sit through the entire hour where nothing worked and nothing was funny.

Glee is at its worst when there are no characters, there are only caricature and this episode was full of them. Rachael played the role of the desperate high school teenager who needs to get drunk and needs to get a boyfriend. She has a party, which didn't end up being a terrible scene. It worked in it's own way but it wasn't enough to salvage the episode from awfulness. So she decides to go after Blaine ant try to show that he's not gay. All this plotline shows is that the writers are as desperate as Rachael is. If they are that desperate that they have to reach that far into the pile of random story ideas to come up with something Rachael would do while drunk is very sad, and another sign of the terribleness of the show. They couldn't make any comedy out of the plotline, although they tried. And the fact that this gave her inspiration for an original song...God help us all when regionals comes around.

You know Glee has a really bad week when Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, have a terrible week and I don't like their characters. In this episode Kurt just came off as mean, Blaine came off as ignorant and annoying, and Mike O'Malley came off as poorly written. These characters are better then what they were given tonight and it was a waste. It was clearly a stalling plotline on the road towards Kurt and Blaine getting together and is it really worth the stalling? All the Blaine might be bi plotline did was make me wish the show had better ideas for stalling. It made Kurt come off as very unlikeable, and he's usually one of the better characters.  

The fact that this episode made Mike O'Malley, whose presence has single handedly saved many an episode of this show, completely unlikeable and ignorant is really proof of the quality of this episode. The conversations between Kurt and Burt in this episode annoyed me. Even when they tried to add some "heart" into one of their conversations it didn't work. Mike O'Malley is a talented actor and this episode wasted him with bad writing.

Don't even get me started on the adults. They are usually more problematic then the kids and this episode was no exception. Will Schuester was even more annoying then usual. His plotline was a complete waste and all it did was try to serve the purpose of teaching the lesson. It fell too far into stupidity and it didn't serve any purpose besides help an already terrible episode of Glee fall further. The attempted humor with Sue didn't work at all. The character has been a crutch to the show lately and this episode was no exception. The joke with her injuring the guy at the beginning of the episode wasn't funny and her speech over the loudspeaker with the voicemail wasn't funny. Bieste left me feeling neutral. I didn't hate her in the episode.

The musical numbers, which usually can somewhat salvage an episode like this were only decent. "Don't You Want Me" was fun and sounded good because of Darren Criss and Lea Michele's talent. "Blame it" didn't do much for me, but it wasn't terrible. "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" wasn't that good. Matt Morrison can't speak sing but Dot-Marie Jones wasn't bad at all. "Tik Tok" was fun but the drinking before and the ending ruined it completely.

My thoughts on this episode can be summed up in three words: "That was terrible". A very special episode of Glee failed to do anything the show usually does right, in any way, shape, or form.

What did you guys think?


  1. it was honestly a pretty good episode.

  2. it visualized alcohol like it should be, something to have every once in a while and not exceed your limit. great moral. you didnt really look into that part of the episode. one of the best alcohol awareness tv episodes.

  3. yo why wont the comments be visible right away? if you make it easier for people to comment on things, people would comment a lot more. this is just annoying, you don't know when you post a comment or not and if it works. why do you have to approve comments anyway? you shouldnt put a limit on people's opinions. its just annoying.

  4. The comment moderation was turned on initially because when the blog launched. I would get people who didn't say anything relevant and would say something along the lines of "go f*** yourself so I turned on moderation.

    Since people have been behaving themselves it will be turned off soon.


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