Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 Rock-"Double-Edged Sword"

Liz has a flight from hell on "30 Rock"
Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

My brief review of this week's very funny episode of 30 Rock is after the jump.

This episode of 30 Rock was easily my favorite of the bunch that aired in 2011 and maybe my favorite of the season. Everything clicked and it made a fantastic episode.

Liz's flight from hell was a fantastic plotline that brought out the best from Tina Fey and Matt Damon (returning as Liz's now ex-boyfriend Carol). It was a battle of stubbornness between two very funny people. The continued insanity, while very over the top, ended up being very funny. Tina Fey got the best material she had for awhile and really got to pull some of her crazier traits. It also gave Matt Damon some material to be really funny. The recurring 30 minutes joke was funny every time.

The Jack/Avery plotline was really, really funny. Jack and Avery not being willing to have their baby be Canadian-American was one of the better Jack plots this season. (Even better then Reaganing.) All the jokes about Canada and how there are only 700 words in the Canadian dictionary. It also lead to one of the better post-birth scenes in awhile with Jack trying to force the hospital to take his money.

Tracy got EGOT. He has achieved his life goal and now he's dealing with the effects of being an Oscar winner. This lead to the best Tracy plot of the season and the best one I've seen in awhile. The thought of Tracy giving all of these speeches is hysterical. The way it was executed was also great. And the scene at the end with Tracy being in Africa had a great payoff.

Overall, it was my favorite episode of the season and a fantastic episode.

What did you guys think?


  1. Where did you get this Photo I NEEEEEEED it!
    30 ROCK 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I got it from the NBC press people.


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