Saturday, May 14, 2011

What to Expect this Week

This upcoming week is going to be a crazy week for television.

First off, it's upfront week for the broadcast networks. This is the week where all of the broadcast networks present their schedules for the upcoming season to advertisers. This is also where they unveil which pilots were picked up to series to these advertisers (although, that information generally leaks beforehand). I will have  every network's schedule as soon as they are announced along with a detailed analysis of those schedules.

The schedule is:
Sunday: NBC announces schedule
Monday: NBC upfront presentation; FOX upfront presentation
Tuesday: ABC upfront presentation
Wednesday: CBS upfront presentation
Thursday: CW upfront presentation

This week is also has a lot of finales, so keep you eye on your Facebook/Twitter feeds for up to the minute information and breaking news.

And on Monday, I announce the summer schedule for the Old TV Watch Project.

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