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The Glee Club performs a Fleetwood Mac number on "Glee"
Credit: FOX

My thoughts on last night's episode of Glee are after the jump.

I went into this episode knowing very little about the source material for the music. I knew that Rumours was an album by Fleetwood Mac that was very famous and very well renowned but that's about it. What this episode did very well was something that Glee episodes haven't done very much, they connected the major themes from that album and brought them into the episode (or when they try, it's like a hammer is clobbering your head). This was a good episode on Glee standards. Not everything worked, but what did end up being good was on a better level then most of this past season of Glee.

The material that didn't work for me in the episode was the material involving the adults. As I've said for many weeks now, Sue's constant attempts to bring down the Glee club have been both stupid and inane. I would be completely OK if that character were to meet some kind of death because she really has no place on the show anymore. The Muckraker, really? They couldn't have made it more obvious that they were going for the joke rather then an actual plotline. Their attempts at humor in the plotline weren't funny at all. I was able to tune it out because of the other material that worked, but everything involving Sue and almost everything involving the Muckraker were stupid and pretentious.

I've hated a lot on Will over the time that I've been writing about Glee. Even if this was the strongest plotline involving him this season, it was far from earned and it didn't quite reach the points that it wanted to in my mind. This is easily the most human we've seen Will Schuester be in awhile. But the prevailing issue is in my mind is that I've hated this character for so long that I don't care if he leaves to do Broadway, heck the show might be a little bit better if he did move out to New York, bringing all of his problems and his awful attitude away from the show. I was very surprised at how small a role Kristen Chenoweth played in this one. I love her a lot so I wish she was given at least a little more to do besides say a few lines and sing a song. Her character is crazy

As with every Glee episode, the material involving the kids was much stronger then the material involving the adults. Even more shocking the Will being at least somewhat human was Sam getting a plotline. Chord Overstreet (or as people in my Twitter feed want to call him CHORD OVERSTREET) hasn't done very much this season besides date Quinn and have big lips but in this episode the show actually gave him a plotline with heart. Yes it might not have been completely earned, but it was very good. Seeing Sam and his little siblings together in the motel room was both a little heartbreaking and a little great at the same time. And it turns out that Trouty Mouth can act a little bit! I'm being a bit reserved in my praise for a reason, it wasn't brilliant, but on a relative standard for an unearned Glee plotline it was very good.

The rest of the Glee club was dealing with relationship issues and rumors that went out of control. Santana is having her issues with Brittany after Brittany basically told the school that she was a lesbian. I love that Santana has been given a higher profile and her scenes with Brittany have been great. This was another episode where everything involving this worked. This was one of the stronger parts of the episode because of how great Rivera and Morris have been these past few episodes. I really hope this comes to a huge head next week and Santana does finally accept herself, but that won't happen for awhile so for now I'm enjoying what we're getting.

Some other thoughts:

  • As for the Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle, the material continues to not be bad but my interest is slowly waning. It's nearing the point of ridiculousness but it wasn't too bad. 
  • Holy Crap Artie, this was the first episode where a performance of his impressed me, fantastic performance.
  • As for the other musical numbers, all I really have to say is well performed on all fronts. I enjoyed the music in this one.
  • Another character who can die in a hole: Terri Schuester.
  • Don't you all love Kristen Chenoweth's voice? How could you not?

The Glee club dealt with a lot of rumors in this one, mostly ones that get in deep into the Glee club. This wasn't a great episode of television, but on a relative Glee scale it was pretty good.

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