Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Rachel performs a solo on Glee
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Some brief thoughts on tonight's Glee are after the jump.

Boy do I wish that this week wasn't upfront week and that I wasn't sick right now, because if those two things weren't true, I would love to delve into tonight's episode of Glee.

This episode raises an interesting question about Sue's character: is she redeemable? The reason that I'm thinking about this is that the version of Sue that came into the episode after about 8 minutes was a version of Sue that I liked. This was a version of Sue who had feelings and was a character that I could connect to on a emotional level. Jane Lynch deserves a lot of credit for this because she played the material very well. I loved her performance because there was a true sense of emotion behind it. If the character of Sue hadn't been so terrible in the previous batch of episodes I might have had an even deeper emotional reaction. That's the question that I'm posing to you guys, is this character worthy of redemption and can she actually become a person again?

The rest of the episode was completely pointless. I just don't care about any of the other things that happened, especially all of the bullshit with Jesse and Rachel.

What did everyone else think? Is Sue worthy of redemption?

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  1. I agree that sue was much more tolerable here. However, during her talk with will I was half expecting her to say p.s. I hired a hit man to kill you before this happened. There's only so much the writers can do with her persona they've engrained in everything she does. She keeps flip flopping between showing signs of humanity and unleashingher wrath on the glee club. Unless she actually changes like she said she would, I don't see her charachter going anywhere.

    Meanwhile, Finn sucks. He dumps Quinn and the second she starts crying he's like wait no come back I love you! And he always is like no Rachel just leave me alone forever it's not gonna work, like come on you had your chance.

    Also, they're all so outraged about jesse's criticism but everything he said was right. I'm excited for this season to be over so I don't need to see any more. I've been loyal to the show for too long to lose interest but it's getting sobannoying. I need a break haha.


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