Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I Met Your Mother-"Landmarks"

The most annoying (former) couple on television is on "HIMYM"
Credit: CBS

I'm really struggling a lot with my opinion on this episode. I really do love the tone of the show and I thought that this episode held it well. It had a lot of fun moments (including Robin's Angry Birds Rant) but there's one major thing that I can't get over. I hate the Zoey arc. I've written extensively in the past about this so I'm not going to waste my time writing about this episode because everything I have to say about this I have said many times before. I don't know how this show made Jennifer Morrison as unlikeable as she was on the show, but somehow they did. I'm just glad that this arc is over and next week's finale can move on to other, better story arcs.

What did everyone else think?


  1. zoey is hot but that's about it. she doesn't have the charm that the rest of the other ted girlfriends

  2. next week is the finale?

  3. Yes, tomorrow's episode is the finale


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