Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CBS Announces its 2011-2012 Schedule

Today CBS announced their schedule for the 2011-2012 season. I wanted to get the schedule online immediately. The post has now been updated with a detailed analysis of their schedule. Everything is after the jump.

8PM: How I Met Your Mother
8:30PM: 2 Broke Girls*
9PM: Two and a Half Men
9:30PM: Mike & Molly
10PM: Hawaii Five-O

Thoughts: There's nothing particularly different here. The only difference is a new comedy is slotted where Rules of Engagement aired in the fall and Mad Love aired in the spring. They're trying to give a new show a chance while allowing Mike and Molly to grow behind the rebooted Two and a Half Men. Of course, if that reboot fails, CBS Mondays is screwed, but they're not worrying about that yet so neither am I.

10PM: Unforgettable*

Thoughts: Here's some more stability with NCIS and NCIS: LA staying in their respective time periods. I imagine this continuing to work for CBS. There's some change at 10PM though with The Good Wife moving to Sundays to make way for a new drama called Unforgettable. This drama has a generic premise and could be very forgettable. (See what I did there?)

8PM: Survivor
9PM: Criminal Minds

Thoughts: CBS seems to really be going for the stability this year with Survivor and Criminal Minds retuning in the same time period as last season. At 10PM there's CSI. This is the first time the drama has changed time periods in a decade. This should stop the viewer bleed that the drama has been suffering for the past couple of seasons, but I doubt that this will bring any new viewers to the show.

8PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30PM: How to be a Gentleman*
9PM: Person of Interest*
10PM The Mentalist

Thoughts: More stability at 8PM and 10PM with Big Bang Theory and the Mentalist returning in the same timeslots as last season. This year, the Big Bang Theory is leading into a new comedy. This could work well if the comedy that it's leading into is good. Probably the biggest risk on the schedule is putting the new drama Person of Interest in one of the most difficult timeslots on television. They have a lot of confidence in it That's probably because, according to them, it's their highest testing drama in ten years. I don't know if a show can gain traction in this timeslot, but if it does, it will be because it got the entire CBS marketing machine behind it. 

8PM: A Gifted Man*
10PM Blue Bloods

Thoughts: More stability at 9 and 10 with CSI: NY and Blue Bloods returning in the same timeslots as last season. And CBS is leaving another new show to die on Fridays. I see no way that this show gains any traction of any sort in this timeslot. 

8PM: Rules of Engagement
8:30-10PM: Repeats
10PM: 48 Hour Mystery

Thoughts: I never thought that there would be new scripted TV, that's not burnoff, on Saturday ever again. I guess this is a case of CBS wanting to bring the show to syndication but not having the time period to put the show. I assume this is just for one season so that the show can reach 100 episodes. The rest of the night has nothing interesting.

7PM: 60 Minutes
8PM: The Amazing Race
9PM: The Good Wife
10PM CSI: Miami

Thoughts: At 7, 8 and 10PM, 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, and CSI: Miami provide more stability. The Good Wife was moved into a timeslot where it could run a lot longer then it would have on Tuesdays. I could see this move working out very well for the network, especially during football season.

Midseason: Undercover Boss, The 2-2*

*=New Show

What do you guys think about the schedule? Do you guys think that the risks will pay off?

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  1. Some definite tweaking by the TIffany network.

    The 2 new comedies should do well in their protected timslots.

    Great seeing Poppy Montgomery back on the small screen.

    Moving CSI could bring new viwers to the aging procedural drama.


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