Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"The Fight" and "Road Trip"

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My thoughts on this week's Parks and Rec double feature are after the jump.

I think I can sum up my thoughts on these two episodes in one very simple statement: This show makes me happy. This show works for me on a level that the other NBC comedies rarely touch (Community comes the closest, but it isn't as consistent as this show) and those two episodes were a fantastic example of what this show does best. They were two very funny episodes. They weren't meant to air together, but they worked together in a way that I didn't expect. 

The first part of the double feature had the first major fight between Leslie and Ann. This was bound to happen eventually in the world of the show, I'm just glad it happened in a very interesting way. It was a drunken fight, but it was for the right reasons. Leslie was frustrated with Ann sleeping around and not getting ready for her job interview. Ann was frustrated with Leslie being controlling. That's what I loved about the fight, it was grounded in reality. It wasn't just a sitcom plotline, it was an actual moment between two friends. It was also pretty damn funny watching Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones work together. They have always complimented each other very well and this fight was a great example of this. The material for them as a duo in "Road Trip" wasn't quite as good, but I still really enjoyed it. I found it interesting how Ann essentially became the voice of the fans and didn't event try to keep Leslie and Ben apart.

These were a strong two episodes for Tom's ridiculous business ideas. In "The Fight" Tom brought everyone to the Snakehole lounge to try his new Snake Juice. This was absolutely hysterical because of all of the fantastic moments that this plot brought on, including everything involving Jean-Ralphio. His failure to rap was hysterical. Probably the best part of this plotline in the episode was Chris making Tom sell his shares in the Snakehole. Tom's reaction to this was a great character moment for him. And before I could react to him losing his business opportunities, he creates a new idea with the game show "Know Your Boo". It was a fun story, and it gave some great moments to Andy and April. We knew they would fight eventually, but I would never have thought that April would turn to "worst enemy" Ann for help. The fight itself may not have been interesting, but the payoff (with April singing with Mouse Rat) was very funny and very sweet.

Leslie and Ben got together, after a short season of will-they-won't-they stuff. I have to say that the second part of this two parter had some of the best moments with the two of them in awhile. It was a long and twisty road to get them together, especially in that episode. With the two of them alone, their tension was allowed to play out to its maximum potential. I was completely sucked in with all of the twists and turns (my mouth dropped when Chris was sitting at the table). But they payoff was even better then the fantastic setup, with Leslie and Ben finally kissing. I can't wait to see how that continues next week.

Of course Ron Swanson would teach a nine year old about Libertarianism. That plotline was absolutely hysterical in both concept and execution. Nick Offerman played everything to its shocking potential. He gave the girl a freaking land mine! It was hysterical in how crazy Ron acted.

Some other thoughts:

  • How funny were those wasted talking heads? Leslie and Tom spewing random information, Ben singing a song, Andy being Andy, April speaking Spanish, and Ron doing a dance were all hysterical and a good reminder of how funny this show can be. 
  • Since the version of "The Fight" that I watched was the producer's cut, I assume the use of the word dick did not air on television.
  • I loved the Andy and April role playing in the first episode. Some very funny stuff.
  • It was another great week for the Pawnee media personalities. The Douche got some great moments, as did Perd (with big hair). 
  • I may have to check out Neutral Milk Hotel (after having it recommended to me as a great band earlier in the week).
  • Donna and Jerry know each other very well. 
  • Jerry is on the roof, that's typical Jerry.
The show continued its hot streak with two fantastic episodes this week. This show has put together what's been one of the best seasons of television that I've seen. I'm certain that they'll close the season with two very strong episodes next week.

What did everyone else think?

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