Thursday, May 19, 2011

The CW Announces its 2011-2012 Schedule

Today the CW announced their schedule for the upcoming season. The theme of this schedule is "obvious". The schedule and an analysis of it are after the jump.

8PM: Gossip Girl
9PM: Hart of Dixie*

Thoughts: The CW is programming a Josh Schwartz-Stephanie Savage night. Gossip Girl's ratings have only been OK in the 9PM slot. I don't know if the expectations are changed now that its in the 8PM slot because they really shouldn't be changed. As much as I "respect" the CW for trying a night like this, it probably won't work (or improve the ratings in any way).

8PM: 90210
9PM: Ringer*

Thoughts: What an odd pairing. I don't know if 90210 is in any state to be a lead in to a show, especially a show that's so thematically different. I really hope Ringer can find footing here though, because it's one of my favorite concepts with an amazing leading actress (Sarah Michelle Geller). I don't know if it will be able to become a hit because of its timeslot, but I hope it does.

8PM: H8r*
9PM: America's Next Top Model

Thoughts: Boring reality stuff. Moving on now.

8PM: The Vampire Diaries
9PM: The Secret Circle*

Thoughts: This night could easily be programmed from the duh files. Is anyone surprised that they put Secret Circle after Vampire Diaries? No? OK, let's move on from the obvious.

8PM: Nikita
9PM: Supernatural

Thoughts: I'm a little surprised that they put Nikita at 8PM instead of 9PM, but not terribly so. This could work out well for them if Nikita finds a foothold on Friday. 

Midseason: One Tree Hill, Re-Modeled*, The Frame*

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