Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome Back Cougar Town!

In this picture, from the April 20th episode, these three babysit on "Cougar Town"
Credit: ABC

I share some thoughts about Cougar Town after the jump.

I feel really bad about not writing about this show since it returned on April 18th. Quite frankly, my time for writing about TV has been very slim and I had to prioritize the shows that I write about. This was one of the shows that fell through the cracks because I always had something else going on preventing me from writing about this show. But if I were to have written about this show, my response would have been pretty simple, heck I think Laurie says it best: "LAUGH". I really do love this show, but my response to it isn't anything more then that was very funny. The show does try very hard to have the perfect combination of emotional stuff and funny stuff and it usually works perfectly, it's just not usually enough to elicit an analytical response from me.

But that's really nothing against the show, because it's pretty damn funny. This ensemble is brilliant and is starting to work together like a finely tuned machine. The show knows exactly the type of jokes it likes to tell and exactly how its characters work and it's able to use this to make consistently good episodes. But even with a lot of funny, the show never fails to try to pull out something with heart. While this something doesn't always land perfectly, it usually works. For example, the scene involving Travis proposing to Kirsten with Jules watching. Scenes like that are brilliantly put together and play off our relationships with the characters very well.

Like I said, I generally have a great time watching the show, but it's not something that lends itself to analysis. I'll be back after the finale on May 25th (which is one hour!) to discuss the last eight episodes as a whole.

What has everyone else thought about these last few episodes of Cougar Town?

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