Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"Eagleton"

Parker Posey causes some trouble in Pawnee on "Parks and Rec"
Credit: NBC
That was a damn funny episode of Parks and Rec. The ideas behind it involving the next town over (and expanding the world of Pawnee) and Ron's birthday were a lot of fun and very enjoyable. It was an episode that didn't elicit any sort of deep reaction that I sometimes have with the show, but it was a great hour that was a lot of fun to watch.

But I really don't have time to give this episode a full writeup so I'm going to do what I did with last week's 30 Rock review and write some bullets after the jump.

  • How badass was Leslie in this episode? And I love that there was an actual motivation behind her actions. She felt betrayed by Lindsey and essentially wants revenge.
  • Parker Posey was very funny as Lindsey.
  • That Eagleton is a very nice town. I want iPod Touches in my public forum goodie bags and scones in jail! It also serves as a good antithesis to Pawnee.
  • I loved Tom in this episode, and how he's somewhat desperate to live in Eagleton.
  • Ron ended up getting the perfect birthday party. 
  • That leadup to the party though was very funny. Nick Offerman did a great job playing a crazed Ron.

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