Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"House"-Season in Review

House drives through a window on "House"
Credit: FOX

Some brief thoughts on this season of House are after the jump.

When I wrote about House back in January, I discussed how the show was falling off a cliff. The patient stories hadn't been good for a long time but the material involving House and his relationship with Cuddy worked on a level that didn't keep me hanging on the edge of my seat during the episode, but it did hold my interest in the show.

Now, after seeing the rest of the season, I can safely say that I'm done with the show. 

The patient plotlines still sucked. (If you can make Donal Logue anything but amazing, there's a very serious problem.) All they have done is get in the way of any other story that the show is trying to tell. It wouldn't be a detriment if they were good, but the show has lost all track of doing a decent procedural plotline. The last two episodes, with 13's jailbird friend and the crazy artist, had two of the worst plotlines that I've seen on my television this season.

While the patient stories have been a problem for a while, the other material really fell off a cliff in the back half. Besides a good episode involving Thirteen's return, the character material has been painful to watch. The story arc about House taking the untested medication was AWFUL. There's no other word i can use to describe it. It was painful to sit through, and it lead to one of the most uncomfortable scenes that I've ever seen on the show. It lead to the scene with House cutting out tumors from his leg. The whole arc has shown how the show has completely lost track of its arc. The writers are clearly making it up as they go along, to the point where I have no idea how they could redeem the character at this point.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of wasting my time with a show that has lost all track of its narrative and can't make a decent episode anymore. As soon as House crashed his car through Cuddy's window, I knew that would be it for me. Plus, with Lisa Edelstein leaving the show, there's no way that they could cover that in a decent way. Without Cuddy, there's no way that they could deal with this cliffhanger.

I'm done with this show. Maybe if they announce that it's ending next year I'll return, but until then, I'm done wasting a hour of my time every week.

What do you all think?

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