Monday, May 16, 2011

FOX Announces Schedule for 2011-2012

Today FOX announced their schedule for the 2011-2012 season. I wanted to get the schedule online immediately so the analysis had to wait until later in the day. The schedule and my analysis are after the jump.

8PM: Terra Nova*
9PM: House


8PM: House
9PM: Alcatraz*

Thoughts: I'm a little bit surprised that FOX is certain that Terra Nova can stand on its own. Apparently it tested really well in every demographic so FOX is betting that this can be a show that families can watch together. Plus, this should help stop the ratings decline that House has been suffering from for the past few seasons. At midseason, FOX premieres their intriguing midseason drama Alcatraz, giving it the House lead in. I don't know how well this will work for them, but it could work.

8PM: Glee
9PM: The New Girl
9:30PM: Raising Hope

Thoughts: Glee is at 8PM, no surprises there. I'm also not surprised that they gave The New Girl the direct lead in from Glee. Raising Hope has had some trouble holding onto the lead in and its ratings have been declining. If the New Girl hits, this could be a huge improvement from the network. Another interesting thing about this night is, according to the press release, they will try a full two hour comedy block there. That could have very interesting results if it happens.

8PM-9:30PM: The X-Factor*
9:30PM: I Hate My Teenage Daughter*


8PM-9:30PM: American Idol
9:30PM: I Hate My Teenage Daughter*

Thoughts: FOX is REALLY betting on X-Factor to be a hit this fall. If this show doesn't hit, Wednesday night and Thursday night will both fail for the network. Something tells me that they're right and this show will hit big. At midseason, Idol takes over the X-Factor timeslot.

8PM: The X-Factor*
9PM: Bones


8PM: American Idol
9PM: The Finder*/Bones

Thoughts: In the 8PM hour, X-Factor and Idol share the timeslot. This worked for them very well with Idol in the winter and how it does in the fall is dependent on if X-Factor hits big. Bones will share a slot with The Finder due to Emily Deschanel's pregnancy. This should work well enough for them. 

8PM: Kitchen Nightmares
9PM: Fringe

Thoughts: FOX goes status quo on this night, keeping the same lineup that has brought them some success this season. I'm not sure how well this will do continuing into next season because of Fringe's declining ratings, but this stability should work. 

8PM: Cops
9PM: America's Most Wanted specials/Encores

Thoughts: I don't usually care about Saturdays, but I'm a bit surprised that FOX is breaking up their block that has been stable here for a long time.  

7PM: Football Overrun/The OT
7:30PM: The Cleveland Show
8PM: The Simpsons
8:30PM Allen Gregory*
9PM: Family Guy
9:30PM American Dad

7PM: Repeats
7:30PM: The Cleveland Show
8PM: The Simpsons
8:30PM Napoleon Dynamite*
9PM: Family Guy
9:30PM Bob's Burgers

Thoughts: No surprises here. FOX will have its animated comedies here, some shows will do well and some will fail. I don't particularly care about any of these shows so I'm going to leave it to you guys to discuss their placement in the block.

What do you guys think about the schedule? Any surprises? Any shows you're excited to see here?

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