Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White Collar-"Forging Bonds"

Because I don't think I will be getting to Royal Pains or Fairly Legal this week I thought I should give White Collar it's own review. My review of tonight's episode is after the jump.

Tonight's flashback episode can be described in one word: interesting. The show broke from it's usual format of a procedural and instead filled in some gaps in the ongoing arc. What this episode did was it filled in the gaps of Neal's backstory. The good thing is Neal's backstory is interesting enough that it made for a great hour of White Collar.

We knew a little about Neal before the episode began. We knew he was a conman who was caught by the FBI, who loved a woman named Kate, who went on a search for the music box and didn't find it. What the episode did was detail exactly what happened in the context of the current arc. It was Neal explaining how he met Mozzie, Kate, and Adler among others. The most important was Adler, who is going after something, something big (the fractal). 

The episode had it's share of great moments. Mozzie and the card game was a great scene. What was also great was anything involving Neal and Kate. Kate wasn't the most interesting character in the show and what this episode did was it added a lot to the backstory and filled in blanks. It added interest into her character and it changes the way I thought about the first two season.

I like it when shows share backstory of characters. It usually makes for some good fun while being very informative about the characters and the overall story of the show. It builds on to the mythology of the show, which on a procedural could always use some kind of interesting episode. This episode was no exception. I thought it was very, very good and really added to the arc that the show is telling today. I know that it made me more excited to see the continuation of the arc and what will happen in the future.

What did everyone else think?

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