Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parks and Recreation-"Flu Season"

Credit: NBC

I'm back from Harvard Model UN. The conference prevented me from watching most of the NBC comedies before this point. The show I did get to tonight was Parks and Recreation (which I'm finding to be one of the most constantly funny shows on TV right now). My review of the episode is after the jump.

I should have expected this episode to be awesome. The show has been consistently good since the beginning of season 2 and this episode was no exception. Everything from everyone getting the flu, to Andy working for Ron, to Tom going to the spa, everything was absolutely hysterical.

Everyone getting the flu provided great moments for the entire cast. Amy Poehler was at the top of her game as sick Leslie. She played the episode really well, especially when Leslie switches from being sick to actually being sane at the Harvest Festival meeting. Leslie is really dedicated to her work and it's a trait that has provided a lot of humor for the character and this episode was no exception.

The episode gave the first real showcase for Aubrey Plaza this season (she was featured briefly in episode one). She plays April's sarcasm and (occasional) lack of interest very well. This episode gave the character some great moments with Ann. The plotline was so well written and well performed by Plaza and Rashida Jones. It's a dynamic that I hope is explored again by the show in the future.

The plotline also gave great moments to Rob Lowe the microchip. He plays Chris very well. His scene in the hospital room (when he's delusional with the flu) had me crying from laughing so hard. I don't need to say anything more then "Stop Pooping." He hit it out of the park in that scene continuing to prove that he's funny, not just pretty.

The episode also got to explore a dynamic that proved to be really fun. The Andy/Ron dynamic is something that is not explored very often but when it is it's hysterical. Everything from football in the parking lot, to Andy working the desk, to Andy and Ron eating meat burritos in Ron's office was very, very funny. Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt work really well together.

One thing that plotline lead to was the forward movements from Andy and April. It does look like April has forgiven any for kissing Ann (probably after Ann yelled at April for her behavior). Chris Pratt really sold Andy's devotion to April in the hospital scene. That scene had me saying awwww and laughing at the same tim. It was a great scene.

I wish Aziz Ansari was given more to do then sit around a hot tub and make jokes about going to the spa with other (older) men. He was still funny but was given less to do.

Adam Scott was resorted to being more of a straight man in the episode. He was given funny moments (chicken soup). His interactions with Leslie were hysterical.

I really did love this episode and it was the perfect way to cool down after a long weekend of MUN.

What did everyone else think?

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