Thursday, January 20, 2011

30 Rock-Season So Far

My thoughts on this resurgent season of 30 Rock are after the jump.

30 Rock has always been a good show. It may have had some bumps in the road (season 4) but when it's good, it's very good. This season has recovered from all of the bumps along the way to make it a strong part of the very good NBC lineup of comedies and a very good comedy.

The show has a very distinct style and it's a style still that works. It's the fifth season so you know the characters by now (although Tracy continues to surprise me with his behavior). You know how they're going to act in a situation. It's writing is still as sharp as earlier in the series (some plotlines that Reaganing and the Cash Cab were hysterical). The knife dulled a little in the fourth season but it sharped up again for this year.

The cast is still very good. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are hysterical in their respective roles. Tracy Morgan knows his character really well and it shows. Jane Krakowski is still great as Jenna. She still plays the character convincingly no matter how crazy the character gets. Jack McBrayer is still great even if his character isn't as well written as he used to be. The supporting cast still is sharp and funny in their respective roles.

The show continues to get amazing guest stars. The only show I've seen do better with guest stars is Chuck. They had Matt Damon, Ben Bailey, Paul Giamatti, Queen Latifah, Jon Hamm, Julie Louis-Dreyfus, (*) Kelsey Grammer, Alan Alda, Elaine Stritch, and John Slattery. That is quite a list of guest stars there. The highest caliber guest stars on a comedy today. Their appearances were very funny and most of them fit into the world perfectly.

*Hamm and Dreyfus were two of the best parts of the live episode. The episode, even if it lost the tone of the show, was still very funny.

I love the show and will continue to watch and blog about it (along with the other NBC comedies).

Anyone else a fan?

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