Saturday, January 22, 2011

Perfect Couples- "Pilot"

My brief review of the premiere (and really the series) of Perfect Couples is after the jump.

Perfect Couples is a show that really isn't that bad, but it isn't that great either. It is a show that's kind of fun to watch and it is actually funny. Not very laugh out loud funny but it does have its moments. Its cast is mostly funny but as with a lot of comedies the writing is only ok. The writing doesn't allow the cast to do anything with their characters so they are one-note. (This is something I hope changes, it's difficult to judge if it will or not after 2 episodes)

The cast is not half bad. You have Christine Woods who gets to have a lot more fun then she ever did on Flash Forward, even if her character is one note. Kyle Bornehimer isn't particularly good or bad as Dave. In this episode, their plotline was very sitcomy and cliche but it wan't particularly bad. Even though I didn't really care if they were going to get to have a private anniversary or not.

Dave Walton and Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Vance and Amy are great together. The funniest part of the episode was whatever Ellis was doing in the episode. Her at game night was very funny.

Hayes MacArthur and Olivia Munn play Rex and Leigh. MacArthur is not particularly noteable in this epsiode. He wasn't given much material that is funny. Munn isn't that funny when she's saying stuff that is funny, so when she's saying things that aren't particularly funny it's a major drag. She's not given much to work with but she still wasn't that funny.

Don't expect me to post about this show anymore but I'll be watching for the time being.

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