Thursday, January 20, 2011

Community-Season so Far

Brief thoughts on what has been a very diverse and funny season of Community are after the jump.

Community is one of the smartest, most diverse comedies on television. They are able to do completely different types of humor from episode to episode. I'm going to list the episodes just to show how diverse they really are.

  • A few character episodes. One that opens the season and resolves cliffhangers, one that involves Jeff backstory, and one Pierce feature (with Abed delivering a baby in the background)
  • An Apollo 13 homage
  • A homage to religious documentary filmmaking
  • A Halloween episode involving ZOMBIES!
  • A Mean Girls homage that features great Abed character work
  • A bottle episode where Annie loses her pen-Great character episode
  • A conspiracy theory episode
  • A Taxi like episode with a very dark feel
  • A stop motion animated Christmas episode
My point is, this show has many different types of humor and the show is able to blend them brilliantly. One moment you'll be laughing at something Allison Brie said, another you'll be laughing at the random reference Abed makes. The show really has a unique sense of humor, one that is very funny.

Another thing the show has going for it is a brilliant ensemble cast that has great chemistry. I could watch this cast sit around and discuss anything (even the meaning of light in the Scarlet Letter). This cast is so good and works so well together. Joel McHale plays the straight man with ease and some dignity. Gillian Jacobs does a great job as Britta and really knows her character. Danny Pudi really is hysterical playing Abed. Donald Glover is fantastic as Troy, he really knows how to be funny and it shows (*) Yvette Nicole Brown is fantastic as Shirley. She plays the character with ease and is very funny. Alison Brie is absolutely great as Annie. She is one of the most talented young actors out there and is hysterical. And Chevy Chase plays the ignorant old man very well.

*Danny Pudi and Donald Glover have fantastic chemistry together. The tags are often the funniest parts of the episode.

This show has a lot going for it. It's writing is fantastic and it's cast is the best ensemble cast on television right now. It doesn't have the best ratings but I hope that we get more Community for years to come (even though there's no chance of that). And if you're ever bored, I suggest buying the paintball episode (Modern Warfare) from somewhere and watching it. Best episode of a comedy in 2010.

Expect a review of this every week along with the other NBC comedies that I watch. (more on those later)

Anyone else love the show as much as I do?

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