Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chuck-"Chuck vs the Gobbler"

My brief review of last night's Chuck is after the jump.

This is an episode that I wanted to like a lot more then I did. It had it's very good moments-mostly involving Timothy Dalton. But I didn't find myself loving the episode and fully involved in it.

One side of me is thinking the whole Sarah going undercover plotline seemed very rushed. It seemed like they were putting at least three or four episodes of story into one episode. This is probably because the season was structured as 13 episodes (next week's episode will be like a finale).

Although the plotline was rushed it did provide for some great moments. Anything with Timothy Dalton was great. he has been the best villain and best guest star the show has had. He plays a well formed, well rounded character. As creepy as it was, he was fantastic in the scene where he recovered the Hydra, from the Gobbler's eye. Also Yvonne Strahovski continues to do good work in this episode (with black hair and an "Avengers" catsuit).

Chuck's role in the episode was very well done. His reactions to what was going on were great. His reaction to Sarah "killing" Casey was amazingly will done by Zachary Levi. Also, his fight was one of the best scenes in the episode. It was great to see that the Intersect 2.0 is not unstoppable. Plus it was a cool scene to watch.

The episode also gave Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, and Mekenna Melvin their moments to shine. Adam Baldwin got the chance to show off his comedic chops. And Josh Gomez and Mekenna Melvin got to show off their dramatic chops at the end of the episode. (*)

(*) Does anyone really think that they would kill off Casey? He's way too centric to the show. (No Spoilers in comments please)

The Ellie/Awesome plotline, while silly, was good comedic relief to the heavier aspects of the episode. It was a good excuse to bring the Buy Morons into the episode. Also Grunka? Am I spelling that right? That's the most rediculous name I've ever heard.

Not my favorite episode of the season, but it was still very good.

What did everyone else think?

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