Friday, January 21, 2011

Parenthood "Opening Night"

Unfortunately a lack of time this week has prevented me from getting to Tuesday's Parenthood until today. My brief review of the epsiode is after the jump.

I wish I had time to do a longer review of this one. The episode was very good.

The Haddie/Alex/Adam/Kristina plotline is moving along nicely. The drama is being hyped up and I’m very much invested. I really do hope this relationship succeeds, if for no other reason then I like Michael B. Jordan and hope he sticks around. I find myself enjoying this plotline, the hyped drama is working for the episode.

Then to contradict the dramatic heart of the show there were 2 plotlines. The Sarah/Drew wrapping paper plotline was very sweet but it didn’t have much of an effect on the episode and my enjoyment of it. The Crosby/Jasmine/Jabbar plotline was very good. It was very lightweight and worked very well. It also made me think, how many of those shows did I make my parents sit through?

Overall, a very good episode of a very good show.

What did everybody else think?

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