Monday, January 17, 2011

How I Met Your Mother-Season so Far

A show that I will be covering regularly is How I Met Your Mother. What I hope to be a great episode airs tonight. In preparation for that episode, my brief thoughts on the season so far are after the jump.

The one word I could use to describe this season of How I Met Your Mother is uneven.

When an episode this season is good it's very good. I have no problem with that. "Subway Wars," "Natural History," "Blitzgiving," and "False Positive" have been quite good. Those seemed like How I Met Your Mother at its best. What I do have a problem  with is how bad the bad episodes are. For every "Natural History" there's a "Canning Randy". Episodes like that failed at the basic goal of the sitcom-they weren't funny. It was painful to sit through the bad episodes. 

What the good episodes do well is they have good character based humor. Being able to laugh at anything Barney does (maybe that's Neil Patrick Harris being completely awesome) or Lily's desperation for getting pregnant is something that not many shows are able to do. They don't have developed or established characters like this show. Some shows try this but don't succeed. 

Another thing that HIMYM does really well is it has a lot of heart. It is able to make you feel for these characters. This is also because the cast is so good. Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan were great in the last minute of the last episode. You rarely find performances that raw and full of heart on a sitcom. The show has such great and established characters that they can go to the darker places that allow the actors to show their dramatic skills.

As a show that made Britney Spears funny, I had hoped that the guest stars would be good this year. Some were, Jorge Garcia was great as the Blitz. On the other hand, Jennifer Morrison has not. It's not necessarily her fault. Her character isn't entertaining and just comes off as annoying.

When this show is good, it's really good. I'm looking forward to this week's episode. It should be a great showcase for Jason Segal, just like the end of last week.

Anyone have anything else to say?

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