Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cougar Town-Season So Far

This comedy really has suprised me this season. I never thought a show called Cougar Town would be as good as this show is. More detailed thoughts after the jump.

There isn't another show that does lightweight fun as well as Cougar Town. The show has a group of characters that work so well together that you can't help but laugh. I only made it through about five minutes of the pilot before giving up, writing the show off as terrible. It didn't help that the title of the show is Cougar Town. What I kept hearing is how good the show has gotten. It threw away its premise and turned into a comedy about a group of friends.

So, I decided to watch the second season premiere, with this knowledge in mind. I loved every minute of it. What I saw was a funny comedy that has a great  cast. It was so much fun to watch these people sit around and drink wine. There really isn't an ensemble comedy like it. It's a group of funny people sitting around being funny.

The cast really is something else. I've said how well they interact together, it's true. Their great! It's a ridiculous amount of fun to sit down weekly and watch them drink wine. (*) Courtney Cox takes a backseat to this great ensemble. It lets people like Busy Phillips shine. She plays Laurie really well.

*It's even more fun when Big Joe...err...Carl is brought out

Another thing this show does well is it has a lot of heart. Like Bill Lawrence's other shows it really uses the fact that it can do heartfelt moments well.

That's all I have to say about this show. Expect some sort of post every week, even if it's just to say that an episode was funny.

Anyone else a fan?

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