Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wilfred freaks out at the vet on "Wilfred"
Credit: FX

Some quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Wilfred are after the jump.

During my first marathon of the three episodes that were sent out to critics, this one was the one that made me laugh the most. It wasn't nearly as deep as the first episode or the upcoming third episode, but it had quite a few funny moments. But that's all that was there in the episode. It was a bunch of funny jokes about Wilfred being a dog and a bunch of more uncomfortable jokes about Jenna having a dick. I just hope that the show doesn't screw up the will-they-won't-they thing, because that can be a disaster.

But those thoughts didn't take over my mind while watching the episode. It was funny enough to cover up those thoughts. Wilfred going to town with Ryan and getting to walk around (and go the beach) were some fun sequences. As was the scene with Wilfred at the vet. Jason Gann is very funny in this role and knows what works for this part. He can make the basic material funny.

That's what I liked about this episode, the basic stuff. That's why I don't have a whole lot to say on the episode. It was funny, but it didn't do much otherwise for me. Next week's episode is a lot deeper and a lot darker, so I'm looking forward to reviewing that next  week.

But for now, what did everyone else think about tonight's episode?

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