Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Covert Affairs-"Good Advices"

The Cast of "Covert Affairs"
Credit: USA
USA sent this episode out to critics in advance, so I had expectations that were slightly higher because they clearly have confidence in the episode. After watching it, I found it to be more of the same. The mission wasn't structured in a way that was particularly interesting, but it did provide some fun and some laughter at the stupidity of Annie Walker. (You miss the schmutz trick? Really?)

The only thing that the episode did particularly well was it captured the city of Paris very well. I could tell that they went on location to shoot it because you couldn't recreate that anywhere. If there's one thing that this show does well, it's that it looks pretty damn good.

But I don't see this series as anything other then pure summer fluff. It doesn't work on a particularly deep level, but it makes good "turn your brain off TV".

What did everyone else think?

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