Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Royal Pains-"Traffic"

Wait, what is Winona doing in the Hamptons?
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Some thoughts on the season premiere of Royal Pains are after the jump.

I'm having a lot of trouble writing about this show because I could easily say "I liked that" or "that was fun" and leave it at that. The thing is that my thoughts on this show don't form paragraphs or anything like that. This was the first time I really enjoyed the show in awhile (I disliked the Eddie R. Lawson arc), but the level of enjoyment was at the simplest level possible. So, I'm going to do what I did with some of the NBC comedies awhile ago and just list off some bullets and leave it at that.

Some other thoughts:

  • Looks like Hank had some reflective time in the winter, which is telegraphed by the beard.
  • There's nothing like a big bus accident to show off Hank's MacGyver-esque doctor skills. 
  • Jill going to Uganda can't be a permanent thing, unless they're planning to have Jill leave the show. This just seems to be more delaying of the inevitable. 
  • The Evan/Paige relationship is obviously delaying Divya and Evan getting together, but at least it's not forced delaying. 
  • Even if it is delaying I like the Evan and Paige relationship. It seems so genuine.
  • Natalie Zea played one of the more compelling patients in awhile. But that may be because the patient was played by Natalie Zea. The story at least held my interest through the episode
  • Campbell Scott continues to have a lot of fun doing a funny accent as Boris. I'm not sure that I'm at all interested in the baby plotline surrounding him. It's just kinda there.
  • I really liked the Divya plotline in this episode. This is something that was two seasons coming and the payoff was very good. 
  • Divya is moving in with Hank and Evan. That should be interesting!
What did everyone else think?

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  1. Divya and Evan, hmm... But what about Adam? Also, I couldn't be more pleased with Jill leaving, ameven if it's only temporary. She's so annoying! I can't take Divya's father seriously since he's the guy on the fiber one commercials. The baby plotline has my interest because there's no way they'd have a girl; it'd be so anticlimactic and would mean nothing. My main problem with this show is that I get really paranoid after seeing all the ridiculous freak-injuries. Good show, though.


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