Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Necessary Roughness-"Pilot"

Dani and Matthew do some talking on "Necessary Roughness"
Credit: USA

Some thoughts on the premiere of Necessary Roughness are after the jump.

I was very disappointed in this pilot. That is how I could sum up my thoughts on it. It was a show that was way too thin for its runtime and didn't do very much for me at all as a show. I wish it made good summer fluff, but it doesn't try to be summer fluff like its companion Royal Pains. The show tries to be a heavier type of drama and it fails at becoming that type of show. I felt no connection with most of the characters involved and the show is a mess at this point. The only thing that shines through is Callie Thorne. This role was clearly tailored to her skills as an actress.

She's the only thing keeping me watching at this point. The show has a lot of narrative threads going with Mark Blucas (*) as a potential love interest, the stereotypical, crazy wide receiver, Dani trying to divorce her husband, and Dani trying to deal with her misbehaving kids. I could sum up my thoughts on these plotlines with the phrase "I don't care!" These plotlines aren't landing with me at all. They stem from the show trying to be a good version of a USA show, but it fails to get to the top tier with White Collar and Burn Notice.

(*) Who plays a character that is more likable then Riley Finn, but that's not saying much.

All of my thoughts above come with the caveat that I have only seen the pilot. That's why I didn't give this an advance review. This show is going to take time to develop and I'm going to give it the time it needs. This show could develop into a great series. I really hope it does, because this pilot didn't show a lot of promise at all.

What did everyone else think?

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  1. Frankly, this pilot stressed me out. I don't watch tv in my free time to feel overwhelmed by the characters' problems, which is all I could think about while watching. I also don't see what could happen other than Dani curing TK and everyone living boringly ever after.


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