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Parks and Recreation-"Andy and April's Fancy Party"

Leslie and April share a moment on "Parks and Recreation"
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My review of last night's episode of Parks and Rec is after the jump.

That was perfect.

I didn't go into this episode knowing a lot about what would happen, and I enjoyed every second of it. It was the perfect episode of the show, it was absolutely hysterical and it tugged on the heartstrings. It really was a fantastic episode of television that from the teaser to the tag worked really well on all levels. This clearly was an episode that everyone involved cared about and wanted to make right because I felt that there was an energy behind this episode that I haven't seen behind an episode in awhile. There was something special about this episode that really made it stick out. That thing was Andy and April's wedding but there was more then just the wedding scenes that I enjoyed. Every part of the episode worked so well together to make my favorite episode of Parks and Rec of the season, and maybe the series.

Even though the title of the episode was "Andy and April's Fancy Party" it really was about Andy and April's wedding. I, along with many other people, was completely surprised that they would choose to get married this early, it seems like something that would at least be saved for the finale. But it was in this episode, and I don't think they could have done it better. The leadup to the wedding was fantastic. The beginning of the plot with Andy and April inviting the parks over to a friend's house for a dinner party (and asking them to bring everything, including Avatar, 50 3D glasses, and a 3D capable television). Then we got to the party, and everyone slowly found out that this was Andy and April's wedding. Everything from Leslie freaking out to the multiple best men was absolutely hysterical. And then the ceremony started, with April in a dress and Andy in a Reggie Wayne jersey. As soon as "April Come She Will" started playing I couldn't help but smile. It wasn't a wedding in the traditional sense at all, but it felt like Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate's wedding. The wedding vows were especially great, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if that's cool with you". It was strangely beautiful because it wasn't a wedding in the traditional sense. '

The party afterwords was great and it allowed for so many little character moments. Chris breaking down was hysterical. Tom trying to give a speech, but not being able to because Andy cut off the speech right before he could go (and right after Andy's grandma). And we were introduced to April's friend Oren, who is very, very creepy (and should make a great new recurring citizen of Pawnee). And beforehand, there was a strong return for the douche Jean-Ralphio and Ron freaking out about the vegetable cake that were great moments as well.

Even if there were great character moments for others, probably the best were for Leslie. Seeing her at the wedding, going from the anal Leslie that we know who didn't want Andy and April to get married, to seeing her realize that these kids would do whatever the hell they wanted, no matter what she said, and deciding to enjoy the wedding added to the beauty of the wedding. It was great to see her realize that these two are great together, and just letting the wedding happen. And April loves Leslie, just beautiful.

Can't they just put Leslie and Ben together? It's clear that the two of them want to be together, heck they probably would have kissed if it wasn't for Oren. I did enjoy the back and forth that they had about Ben being torn between Indianapolis an Pawnee, I just think that the tension should be broken (maybe that's the shipper inside of me talking). These two work really well together and would make a great couple. I understand that the show will draw out this tension, at least for a little longer, and I'm not upset about this, I just think they should get together, I'm not angry about it.

Some other thoughts:

  • I really did love the B-plot with Ann starting to get out there with Donna's help. It was a lot of fun and a great counterpoint to what was happening at the wedding. 
  • That teaser with Ron pulling a tooth and Tom fainting was HYSTERICAL. I was doubled over from laughing so hard.
  • Poor Jerry, that was an awful shirt.
I was very much surprised by this episode of Parks and Rec, and not just because of the wedding. I didn't expect it to be this amazing at all, but it was one of the best episodes of the season, and possibly the series.

What did everyone else think?

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