Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Office-"Michael's Last Dundies"

Gabe and Erin share an awkward moment on "The Office"
Credit: NBC

My review of the first part of Michael Scott's true farewell is after the jump.

This is one of the rare episodes of The Office where I find myself in a completely different camp from other critics. While this was far from the perfect episode of the show, I found myself enjoying it. The idea of having the first part of Michael's farewell be the final Dundies is a great one. It played off of that  little bit of nostalgia that I have towards Michael's character and created a enjoyable episode. Yes, I can't call it perfect because it wasn't. As Michael said "there were a couple hiccups but I feel like that went very well".

Let's discuss the best scene of the episode first. That final scene, with the crew from the Office singing a song (to the tune of Seasons of Love from Rent) was so brilliant and so moving. Every single time that I watch that scene it hits me eve harder, this is it for Michael. That was a great way to begin the final moments for Michel, by having the people for whom he's performed for many moments sing that song. It must have been everything that Michael could have wanted from them at the end of his last Dundies, give back a little for everything that he's given them. That was the best part of the episode, and increased by enjoyment of the episode by a lot.

As for the rest of the episode, there was one major hiccup, but the Dundies were as funny as they were back in season 2. It's great to see Michael up there performing, and seeing everyone have to sit there and watch him. There were moments in that ceremony that were genuinely funny, like Erin breaking up with Gabe (it was funny in its awkwardness) the tag with Toby winning the award he always does. Also, the opening with Michael and Deangelo bringing nomination certificates to staff members' houses was funny as well, mostly because of the staff's reactions.

The one major hiccup had to do with Deangelo Vickers. Giving Will Ferrell stuff to do seemed to be very difficult, because involving Deangelo in the Dundies seemed very forced. He's trying to be the complete focus of the episode, but he's not who I want to be focusing on in the episode. And the whole Will Ferrell raising his voice gag was funny at first, but in the actual ceremony it didn't quite work.

Overall, that final scene helps make an otherwise decent episode good and very enjoyable. It may not have seemed earned in terms of the episode, but in terms of saying goodbye to Michael, it was great.

Next week, we say goodbye.

What did everyone else think?

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