Friday, April 29, 2011

30 Rock-"Everything Sunny All the Time Always"

Tracy stars in North Korean propaganda on "30 Rock"
Credit: NBC

I admit that I've been pretty bad about reviewing 30 Rock for the past few episodes. The reason is that I watched this last out of all the NBC comedies over the past few weeks and that means that I wouldn't be able to review the episodes until Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, and by that time there's really no point in reviewing the episode. Next week I'll watch 30 Rock the night it airs for the finale, but for now  some bulleted thoughts on this week's episode are after the jump. (Sorry, bullets are all that time will allow for this week.)

As promised, my thoughts on this episode of 30 Rock are right here (in bullet form):
  • Pretty much whenever 30 Rock decides to use political humor it's hysterical, and this week was no exception. Pretty much everything involving Avery being kidnapped by North Korea in this episode was great. Loved the satire of North Korea and every joke involving the political views of Jack and Avery was funny as well. This show does topical humor very well, and Alec Baldwin delivers these gags to perfection.
  • There was another reminder about the fact that Jack has a baby. It's been a few episodes. But I loved the very few scenes involving the baby. 
  • Ronald Reagan eating jelly beans, this can't be sexy to anyone but Jack and Avery.
  • Didn't really love the Tracy plotline. They're still trying to settle him back into the show (which I thought they had done pretty well last week, but this week seemed like a little bit of a retread). This plot just wasn't in the wheelhouse of the Tracy plotlines that I like. It's a little too crazy.
  • My use of wheelhouse in that last bullet means that I've been listening to too much Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan over the past few weeks (even though that podcast is awesome!)
  • On the Liz plotline, this has been something that the show has been leaning towards for a long time. Liz has always been attempting to do this for a long time but this seems to be the first time the show has taken this at least somewhat seriously. This looks like it will pay off very well over the next batch of episodes (in which I'm including the beginning of season 6).
I may have been lukewarm on the Tracy plotline but this was a very strong episode of 30 Rock. I'll be back next week (after the season finale) with more general thoughts about these past few episodes.

What did everyone else think?

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