Saturday, April 30, 2011

Community-"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts"

Shirley has a baby during her anthropology final on "Community"
Credit: NBC
This episode of Community worked in a way that an episode of Community hasn't worked in awhile (if ever, for this show). It told a very simple story very well, and that's all that I can really ask from the show. But it's the type of episode that doesn't particularly leave me with a lot to say beyond that was funny and the ensemble worked really well together in this one. It humanized Chang but I don't particularly have the time to dig into that (I'm dealing with a pretty severe non-internet related computer issue right now).

It was a very funny episode, but it didn't leave me with a whole lot to say about it. And Paintball next week! Get excited!

What did everyone else think? 

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