Thursday, September 29, 2011

Archer-"Heart of Archness Parts I, II, and III"

Again, the cast of "Archer"
Credit: FX

The final part of the Archer "special assignment" just finished airing on FX, and I have some thoughts on it after the jump.

This is a show that is a ridiculous amount of fun to watch. Adam Reed has put together a very strong series with a great dynamic between these characters, It makes for some fantastic television. The one hour I spent watching these three episodes (I watched episode 1 a couple weeks ago, and episodes 2 and 3 earlier today) flew by very quickly. This show moves at a rapid pace with its humor and its plot with its half hour episodes, and this three part episode was no exception.

The idea of Archer becoming a pirate was an idea that is naturally funny. It was clear very early into the second episode that he would completely mess it up. He wouldn't be the Archer we knew if he wasn't completely ignorant of what a pirate does and how to be a good pirate king. Of course there would be a revolt, which he would lose horribly and get thrown in prison. He then escapes on a helicopter, thinking about his pirate lacrosse team. This trilogy was full of typical Archer moments, which were great.

It also wouldn't be Archer without the great character interaction. Everything between Archer, Rip Rider, and Noah (*) was hysterical. The three of them bounced off each other very well, which is a huge achievement considering that they probably didn't record the voiceover together. When Lana and Ray arrived, the show became funnier. Archer and Lana continue to have some very funny material together. The material in the ISIS office, with Cyril and Pam, provided a great B-Story.

(*) Rider and Noah were voiced by the very talented Patrick Warburton and David Cross respectively. The two of them made for great additions to the cast for the trilogy. They provided some huge laughs.

This isn't a deep show at all. I usually don't have a huge amount to say on it besides that it's hysterical. The one liners are plentiful, in a way that makes me laugh a lot. The reaction that I have to this show isn't particularly deep, but I still love it.

What did everyone else think of the trilogy? Did you like it as much as I did?

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