Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ryan and Spencer watch some porn on "Wilfred"
Credit: FX

Some quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Wilfred are after the jump.

In my initial marathon of the series, this episode was my least favorite. Following an episode that was joke heavy, this one didn't quite land the way I wanted it too, especially with the very awkward scene where Spencer forces Ryan to watch porn. Plus, at that point I was anxious to get through it so that I could move on to writing about the show.

But when I rewatched the episode for review today, I found that I enjoyed it a lot more. When I rewatch something, I generally catch a lot more of the little moments that can be easily missed when I am trying to get the general idea of the episode. This was an episode that benefited from that because most of what I liked about the episode were from the little moments. I didn't particularly care for the overall plot, but the little jokes that were hidden in it were actually very good.

I have a very low tolerance for characters who are total a-holes to other people. Tom Haverford is about my tolerance level with these types of characters. So, it probably shouldn't surprise you that I didn't like Spencer as a character. The way he treats others isn't funny at all, it's just mean. As a plot device, Spencer works very well. He is a person who the neighborhood all fears. That's how I have to think of him if I want to like him, as a plot device. That's not a way that I like to think about characters, but it is what makes the episode work for me.

While I didn't like Spencer, I liked the other material in the episode quite a bit. Jason Gann continued to be hysterical as Wilfred. And he also got to show a side of Wilfred that continues to grow, his knack for having a plan. This is something that I hope continues to grow as we find more out about Wilfred and his knack for knowing about people. Also, the continued growth of the Wilfred and Ryan friendship is what makes this show more then watchable/blandly funny.

Some other thoughts:
  • These tags continue to strike gold. This one involves a lot of smoking, a very funny game of screw/marry/kill, and a very funny poop joke. 
  • No Jenna in this one, probably for the better.
  • This was the last episode of Wilfred that I received in advance from FX, so now my reviewing of the episode is going to be dependent upon my schedule and my interest in the show. There will also be no review next week due to my day being surrounded by the new Potter movie.
Overall, this was a decent episode. I had one major issue that affected my enjoyment of the episode, but the other material was good enough. 

What did everyone else think?

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